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These are special projects I do as a leader or co-leader. As a matter of fact, all of them are duos or trios as you can see. That’s mainly because I favor these small group settings to bigger ones because everyone has more space to express oneself musically and to interact with each other. It might also have something to do with me playing an Novax 8-string guitar recently which is an hybrid instrument being half bass and half guitar. Originally invented by Charlie Hunter ( and built by Ralph Novak ( this instrument opens up a whole new world in a duo/trio setting!

Marina Zettl

Forget about being reasonable, and switch off your head. Just do it, move out onto thin ice: this is something which musicians seem to walk on more and more often. ‘Thin Ice’ is the new album by the Viennese singer Marina Zettl and guitarist Thomas Mauerhofer. For both, their music roots are in jazz but they are not stuck there. Long live the in-between!
Thin Ice, their second album, is a live album recorded in a studio. No, this is not a contradiction in terms: there is more power to music when played live, full of energy, and this is exactly what this album is all about. “The famous first takes with rough edges,” says Marina Zettl.
Onstage, Marina Zettl is a burst of energy who instantly captures the audience. She played at the Lancaster Music Festival, Jazzfest Vienna, Jazzsommer Graz, Jazzfestival Maribor and is featured in all the promo videos to AKG’s Perception Microphone Series.
The story of Marina Zettl’s is a story of escape. This is not as radical as it sounds; obviously, one does not want to collapse within routines, and needs to escape as soon as boredom takes over. Then, off onto thin ice!

Marina Zettl - composition, vocals
Thomas Mauerhofer - composition, acustic guit., 8-string guitar
Christian Bakanic - accordeon, percusions, keyboard
Jörg Haberl - drums, vocals